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Coyote Yarn Tail Refurbish
Yep, went back to make improvements on my old personal yarn tail.  I wanted more colors, better blended colors, some black ticking throughout... and ... well, it ended up being a way huger project than I'd intended, but it's done now.  

Here's a demo video:…
Curly Husky Tail - Refurbished
This is the same curly husky tail I've posted before.  I just made some adjustments to make it more proportional!
I don't still have the pattern; but there's no core or wire in this tail.  It's just stuffed with polyfill.  The pattern involves sewing a lot of darts into the back of the tail, which makes it hold its shape. 

Demo video here:…
Feral Style Coyote Hand Paws
UPDATE: Video demo here:…

WHEW, these took a while.  Hand paws to match the paw socks I've made before.  Pretty tempting to make this design into an actual partial.  Maybe eventually. 

The dewclaws are "decorative" - no fingers go in there.  Pads are lightly-stuffed vinyl.  Claws are black Sculpey polymer clay.  The tan fur is "dyed" using watered-down acrylic paint. These paws were made using FreakHound's pattern, modified to my preferences. The toes are lightly stuffed with polyfill as well. 

Fully lined, with cuffs! 

As usual with my stuff, totally hand-sewn. 
Bird Ornaments
A belated Christmas 2017 gift to my fiance - miniature polymer clay sculpture ornaments of our parrots, Tilli (cockatiel) and Cuzco (yellow-sided greencheek conure).  

I've actually done tons of these bird ornaments before but haven't taken good photos.  
Each ornament has a clip on the bottom so the birds can "perch" on branches.  Unfortunately my camera doesn't do a good job of capturing the fine details in the paint job.  Oh well.  

Tilli was a little apprehensive about her miniature doppelganger!  Cuzco reached forward and touched his on the beak. 
Dragon Costume: 17-year Collaboration!
Featuring a paper mache dragon mask I made this year...

And a dragon hoodie my mom made for me in the year 2000... when I was in the fourth grade.  Yeah, I only grew a little bit after then.  This costume probably fits me BETTER now than it did back then!

When I wore this for school back in the day, I was adamant I wanted a full dragon FACE mask, not just an eye mask or facepaint.  I wanted a full dragon snout.  We ended up buying a cheap kid's T rex costume at the shop and using the brittle plastic mask from that for my dragon costume.  

When the hoodie turned up again a while back and I realized it still FITS me, I knew I had to bring it back new and improved at some point.  So I made the mask to match. 

My mom made a lot of cool Halloween costumes for me when I was a kid.  She was a big inspiration to me when it comes to building costumes.  So it feels pretty cool to have made this in conjunction with her. 
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Which one of y'all mofos is responsible for this?  

Thank you very much!!

Of course, now that I have the membership and actually have the opportunity to change my username like I've been wanting to for AGES...

I realize that my usual username is not available!! Drat!  I'll have to think of something else.

Anyway, thanks again!  Whoever you are, you should let me know so I can thank you personally!



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